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Peter’s life and income insurance ensures protection for his family

Insurance policies are a way to create security and peace-of-mind should the unthinkable happen and, if it does, to provide provisions for those we care about.

Peter was only 49 years old when he was diagnosed with terminal stage four metastatic colon cancer. Through his comprehensive insurance cover, he was able to seek help and provide for his family while he underwent treatment.

Peter’s Story

In 2008, Peter and his partner Susan took out a risk protection plan. With two young children aged one year and two months, they valued the peace of mind such a plan ensured. Little did they know, they would need the cover sooner than they thought.

In 2018, Harvinder Kang, a Personal and Business Risk Insurance Adviser at Millenium Insurance, received a phone call from his client, Peter. “I thought Peter wanted to contact me to discuss or review his policies, but to my utter disbelief Peter broke the news to me that during a check-up for flu symptoms that wouldn’t go away, he had been diagnosed with stage four metastatic colon cancer and the cancer had spread to his lungs and liver. Peter was just 49!”

Fortunately, Peter, a process manager for one of New Zealand’s largest companies, had comprehensive insurance coverage and was able to claim on his policy, while he was unable to work. “Once his income protection claim was approved, it provided Peter and Susan with regular income and financial support for his family during this difficult time,” Kang said. They received a lump sum trauma pay-out immediately after filing their claim, to help their family cope at this stressful time.

Unfortunately, later that year Peter lost his battle with cancer and passed away. Survived by his wife Susan and three children, Peter’s comprehensive Death Cover, paid out when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, was able to provide for his family.

“No amount of money can bring Peter back, or lessen the pain for his family, but the insurance pay-out has gone a long way to ensuring his family are provided for, so they don’t have to rely on external help,” said Kang.

Peter and Susan’s insurance cover provided the family with certainty of cover in the event of Peter’s death. The family’s customised protection plan meant Peter was able to provide for his loved ones, even after he had died.

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