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Personal Insurance for protecting your loved ones

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Personal Insurance

You are your greatest asset. Protect your future and the future of your loved ones.

Family holidays, special occasions, school camps, trips abroad – life is meant to be lived. We don’t want to wake up each day thinking what if.

That’s where personal insurance comes in, and at Millenium Insurance, we look at the insurance you need to live the life you want. Our advisers work with you to create a personalised plan that provides you with the protection you need for you and your loved ones in the future.

Life Cover

Many people don’t realise that their greatest asset is themselves. If anything were to happen to you, are your loved ones protected? Life cover provides you and your family with financial security in the event of your untimely death. Life cover isn’t just for you – it’s for those around you.

Funeral Cover

The death of a loved one is always an emotional time. If it’s your death and you’re leaving loved ones behind, don’t make your passing any harder than it has to be. Taking out funeral cover means your loved ones have the financial security to pay for your funeral costs, relieving them of additional pressure during an already difficult time.

Trauma Cover

If your child was diagnosed with a critical illness or injury, how would you pay for their care if you had to stop work to look after them? Trauma cover provides you with a lump sum payment should you or your child be diagnosed with a critical illness or injury. This payment can help support your family and contribute to any significant costs associated with treatment and recovery.

Income Protection

Have you ever considered how long you could survive without an income? If a serious accident or illness meant you were unable to work, how would you pay your bills? How would you provide for your family? Income protection provides you with regular payments to help cover your mortgage or rent payments as well as some living expenses until you’re back on your feet again.

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage payments make up the greatest outgoing for most income earners. So how would you pay your mortgage if you were no longer able to work and receive an income? Mortgage protection cover provides you with the financial means to meet each payment and ensures you and your loved ones have a roof over your head.

Total Permanent Disablement

Total Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover provides financial protection should you become permanently disabled and unable to work through accident or illness. This lump sum payment provides you and your family with financial security and could be used to pay off any debts, cover the cost of medical treatment or care, or pay for any modifications required to your home as a result of your permanent disablement.

Family Protection Cover

If you’re no longer here, you don’t just want your family protected for the short-term, you want to ensure they’re protected for the future. Family protection cover allows for a structured payment system to be set up so in your death, you can ensure your family receives regular financial contributions to help them with living and lifestyle costs.

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What our clients say

Wow all I can say is a HUGE THANK YOU for putting in place our insurance. I am blown away by the speed these claims have been processed and the ease with which it has all been done.

Sue Duncan

I am incredibly thankful to Millenium Insurance for the advice and guidance given to me when it came to insurance policies. Insurance is something we value as being so very important and I believe we found the best with Millenium as our brokers.

Lisa Hohneck

Gary Robertson of Millenium Insurance Group contacts us regularly to check on any changes in our lives that might affect our insurance needs. Without his advice, we would have been unaware of our opportunity to make a claim under Jacqui’s living insurance policy, which has made a massive difference to us as a family.

Tim & Jacqui Wilkins

We called to cancel our policy but Kara at Millenium explained what the policy was about and said it was likely we had a claim. Without her knowledgeable advice, we would have been unaware of our opportunity to make a claim. Thank you Kara and Millenium.

Murray & Dianne Reeve