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Weina Zhang


Solutions – that is what I aim to achieve for my clients when I’m working with them to create a personalised protection plan. And each of the solutions I create are tailored to my individual client. I want to ensure they have the right solution for their situation and, because every one of my clients has a different situation, then my solutions cater to their requirements.

I specialise in health, life and trauma insurance as I believe everyone should have cover in place to ensure they can access the best treatment and the best medication should they ever need it. I will also advise my clients on any other insurance I believe they could benefit from. But I don’t just provide advice. My service begins by putting my clients’ interest first, completing their application, and undertaking regular reviews to ensure the insurance they have is still relevant to their lifestyle.

I am passionate about the industry I work in. In addition to being an insurance adviser I’m also a registered financial adviser and a member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT).

Outside of the office, I enjoy catching up with friends over a glass of wine, although first and foremost my time is spent as a mum with my two little boys.

Professional memberships

  • Registered Financial Advisor
  • ANZIIF Associate
  • Ascend Silver Achiever
  • Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)
  • IDA Member

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I look forward to finding a solution for you.

Areas of Insurance:  Business Insurance – risk insurance, income protection.

Family & Personal Insurance – health insurance, trauma & disability insurance, life insurance.

Mark Crean

With more than three decades working in the Insurance and Financial Services Industry, I possess the experience and expertise to uncover my clients’ needs and provide a professionally designed Risk Insurance solution for them tailored to their individual situation.

My previous experience as a Stock and Station agent in the 1980s has also enabled me to connect with clients in the rural sector and identify their unique requirements for insurance. I also deal extensively in the small business and family protection markets.

I pride myself in providing my clients with regular reviews to make sure their insurance programme is still appropriate as their circumstances change. I strive to create a connection with all my clients and am always there to help at claim time.

I am a family man. My wife Alison is a Careers Adviser at a local high school and we have two sons, Liam and Reuben, who are both currently university students. I have a passion for sport, especially rugby and cricket, and I enjoy keeping fit through cycling, swimming, walking and playing golf.

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I look forward to protecting you and your family.

Areas of Insurance:  Rural, Business and Family markets.

Life Cover, Trauma Cover, Permanent Disablement, Income Protection, Mortgage Protection and Health Insurance.

Jarrod Si

Having been in the financial services industry for five years, my areas of specialty are health, trauma, life, TPD, income protection and AIC insurance.

The majority of my clients are through referral and building and maintaining these client relationships is important to me. I believe the key is simple – ensuring my clients are on the best possible insurance plan to meet their requirements.

I am very interested in stock investment, as well as music, sports and travel.

I am a member of AdviceQual Financial Advice Provider. To read the public disclosure of AdviceQual please click here

Steven Jiang

As an insurance adviser, I focus on my clients’ future. Through conversations with my clients, I build up a relationship of trust, so they know they can confide in me about their situation. This relationship built on trust is important in enabling me to provide my clients with the very best protection plans that will ensure optimal outcomes for them.

I enjoy meeting new people and establishing a connection with each of my clients. My approach is to really explore their needs because only then can I give them advice on the insurance that is right for them. I do this in a sincere and caring way because at the end of the day it is their future we are protecting and their health and livelihood we want to provide security for.

I’m a highly motivated and organised person but I also appreciate the value of taking time out. When I’m not in the office you’ll find me hiking, swimming, fishing or playing badminton.

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I look forward to working with you on your future security.

Leelee Li

Peace of mind – that’s what I want my clients to feel when they come to me for insurance. Throughout my 15 years in the insurance industry, I have always worked with my clients to ensure they have the best protection and the best chance for a claim to be accepted should they need it. It is this drive to protect my clients and my pursuit of ensuring they have the best protection plans in place that has helped me achieve my status as one of New Zealand’s leading female insurance advisers.

My team handles everything on behalf of my clients, from updating payment details, updating their addresses and personal details, submitting claims and booking specialists appointments.  Liaising with my clients and the insurance companies and medical providers is my specialty.

I am proud to always act in the best interests of my clients to protect their health and their greatest asset – the ability to earn. I place great emphasis on establishing a relationship with my clients and taking the time to regularly review their policies. The understanding I gain of my clients’ individual circumstances combined with my knowledge of multiple areas of the insurance industry, means I can provide my clients with optimal outcomes.

My passion for the insurance industry and securing my clients’ future has seen me become the only female insurance adviser in New Zealand to qualify as Top of the Table (TOT) of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) in 2018 and the first and only adviser in New Zealand to achieve the highest award in the Asian financial insurance industry, the IDA Platinum Award.

I am also committed to the communities I work in and am an avid supporter of Canteen, Cure for Kids, Hope for Pearl and other charity organisations. I have also been volunteering for the Asian Animal Foundation for many years.

I love reading, travelling, playing the game of Go and one of my hobbies is collecting Amber.

Industry awards and accreditations

  • Financial Advice New Zealand founding member
  • New Zealand Insurance Industry Award (multiple years)
  • MDRT Top of the Table member
  • IDA Platinum Award
  • Ascend Top Platinum Award
  • APEX Top Platinum Award

I am a member of AdviceQual Financial Advice Provider. To read the public disclosure of AdviceQual please click here

I look forward to looking after you and your family.

Areas of Insurance: Risk Insurance, Business Insurance, Personal Insurance, Health Insurance,
Life Insurance, Trauma Insurance and Income Protection.

Simon Gower

Financial Adviser for Financial Advice Provider KSIR Management Limited

The business environment is both an exciting and rewarding one, but as every business owner or self-employed professional knows, it has its own challenges, risks and occasional tricky situation! I have experienced all of these as a business owner in the retail and wholesale market, which means I understand the importance of having the right protection plan in place for your business.

I came to the insurance industry via a corporate sales and management career and, combined with my strong passion for business, it has given me an edge when it comes to preparing insurance plans for my clients operating in this specialised market. I know how quickly the business climate can change, and how dynamic operations can be, which is why I deliver a tailored solution to my clients.

My commitment to connecting business owners with the right insurance is reinforced through my membership to the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), the Premier Association of Financial Professionals. Membership is based on an ethical approach to the insurance industry, something I take great pride in having.

Outside of the office, my wife and boys get about 95% of my time. The other five percent is filled with the Warriors (die-hard fan!), ocean swimming, and growing and collecting bonsai trees.

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I look forward to protecting your business with the right insurance.

Areas of Insurance:  Business Insurance – key person, debt protection, shareholder agreements, ACC restructuring; insurance for self-employed individuals, group schemes.

Family & Personal Insurance – life insurance, income protection, trauma & disability insurance, health insurance

“Financial Adviser for Financial Advice Provider KSIR Management Limited, FSP 764853”

Isabella Chen

Integrity, loyalty, honesty and professionalism – these are the values I work to while delivering my clients the very best insurance solutions for their needs. As the Auckland Regional Sales Manager for Millenium Insurance Group, I am committed to ensuring my clients receive the right insurance and the appropriate claims whenever they need.

Prior to joining Millenium Insurance, I worked for New Zealand’s largest life insurance company for seven years within various departments. During my time in the industry I have built up extensive expertise in various areas of personal insurance, including health, life, trauma, and income protection insurance, TPD and injury cover. I also want to ensure I continually provide the right advice to my clients so regularly attend industry trainings, professional seminars and medical-related meetings.

A particular area of interest for me is helping new migrants to New Zealand understand the country’s health system. I am fluent in both Mandarin and English and pride myself on delivering insurance to my clients with a personal touch. Outside of the office I enjoy travelling, reading and cooking.

Industry awards & accreditations

  • MDRT member
  • IDA Award winner
  • Sovereign Gold Ascend winner

I am a member of AdviceQual Financial Advice Provider. To read the public disclosure of AdviceQual please click here

I look forward to securing the right insurance for you.

Areas of Insurance: Risk Insurance, Business Insurance, Personal Insurance

Harvinder Kang

Financial security and stability – that is what I want each of my clients to feel once they have the right protection plan in place. I have worked in the insurance industry for more than a decade and during that time I have seen how the right insurance can provide my clients with security for the future. That’s what I set out to achieve with each and every one of my clients and it’s why I continue to have a passion for the industry I work in.

Prior to joining Millenium Insurance Group, I worked for Fonterra. My time in New Zealand’s biggest export earning industry gave me invaluable insight into the country’s rural and primary sector as well as the business dynamics that flow into to so many other parts of our economy.

That insight has equipped me to work with clients across all areas of personal and business sphere to create a comprehensive insurance plan for their situation. The insurance landscape is unique and it gives me tremendous satisfaction working with my clients, knowing that I can provide insurance services that are tailor made to their needs.

When I’m not meeting with clients or reading through lengthy insurance policies, I enjoy playing golf and supporting my children’s’ sports team. I can also cook a mean Indian lamb curry and an equally mean Indian barbecue.

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I look forward to providing you with financial peace of mind.

Areas of Insurance: Family and Income Protection, Critical Illness and Health, Business Insurance – Shareholder protection, Key person, Debt protection.

Ashley Carson

I established Millenium Insurance Group with the goal of creating a company where insurance advisers operated in the best interests of their clients. I am proud to say this is exactly what Millenium Insurance Group offers today. We are an insurance company where advisers take the time to understand our clients’ needs and only ever do what is best for them. As a result, we are privileged to have many long-term clients.

As an insurance adviser myself (I am a member of the Sovereign Qualifying Financial Entity) I have experienced the personal satisfaction of knowing I have done the right thing for my clients when it comes to claim time. My primary motivation is safeguarding the future financial wellbeing of my clients in both their home and business lives. If the right insurance plans are put in place, our clients not only have peace of mind they, their families and business interests are protected, they receive the knowledge their future is secure.

Away from the office, I enjoy travelling with my best friend and wife of 34 years, Suzanne. Together, we raised our seven children and are now the proud grandparents of 13 grandchildren and great grandchildren.

I am a member of AdviceQual Financial Advice Provider. To read the public disclosure of AdviceQual please click here

I look forward to welcoming you as a client of Millenium Insurance Group.

Andrea Booth

After spending six years in the industry and gaining a National Certificate in Financial Advice (Level 5), I enjoy finding out what drives my clients – what’s important to them and those close to them.

I genuinely enjoy sitting down face to face with people to discuss their insurance needs and working with them to formulate recommendations to ensure their life and lifestyle are comprehensively protected at a cost-effective price.

I don’t believe there’s a panacea or silver bullet as far as insurance goes, so any policy needs to suit current circumstances. I provide clients with relevant information about which insurance would be the best fit for their current situation and am always aware everyone has a budget.

I understand everyone has different goals and values. Because life doesn’t always go to plan, we need to make sure our loved ones are protected – and that’s my specialty.

Outside of business hours, I love spending time outdoors, whether that’s mountain biking, travelling, exploring new foodie hubs or spending time with my three adult children and partner.

I am a member of AdviceQual Financial Advice Provider. To read the public disclosure of AdviceQual please click here