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Steve Peddle

Based in the sunny Bay of Plenty, I work with many families to put in place protection plans for their future. As a father of three children myself, I know how important that peace of mind is in the event that anything should happy to you. Families do create a different dynamic and extra responsibilities you never had before, but many of these can be protected with the right insurance.

I have been working in the industry for more than 10 years and during that time have built up a large client base delivering tailored protection plans. I enjoy having the opportunity of meeting with clients here in Tauranga. Getting to know them and discovering what they want insurance for is an integral part of my role, but once I’ve been able to connect all the pieces, determining the right combination of insurances is relatively straightforward.

Outside of work I enjoy fishing, watching my children play their various sports, and dabbling in some hobby farming. As a committed Christian, I am compassionate, caring and considerate of my family, my clients and my colleagues.

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I look forward to preparing the right insurance plan for your family.

Areas of Insurance: Personal Insurance, Family Insurance, Mortgage Insurance, Business Insurance, Life Insurance Living Assurance, TPD, Health Insurance

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