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Richard Woodcock

I have enjoyed being in the insurance industry for over 40 years, and I appreciate what is important to business people. I have been, and still am, in business myself, which allows me to empathise with Clients when it comes to covering their business.

My approach is to ask business people what they want and craft tailored business cover to suit their unique situation. By evaluating my Clients’ needs, I can apply the appropriate cover to fit.

I am able to provide protection plans to businesses of any size and my mandate is to always arrange what is best for the Client. I appreciate how busy people are, and the value of time and will save Clients just that whenever and wherever I can.

Outside of the office I am an outdoor bowler, occasional golfer and enjoy watching almost all sports.

Let me look at tailoring an insurance plan for your business.

Areas of Insurance: Business Insurance, Domestic Insurance, Personal Insurance, Income Protection, Health Insurance, Shareholder Protection

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