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Kirsty Evington

I began working at Millenium Insurance Group in 2011 as the receptionist, and have worked my way up to compliance manager/personal assistant to Gary Robertson and Andrea Liddle – with the birth of my son and maternity leave along the way.

I am the person behind the scenes, when an adviser is unavailable, I step in to help where I can. As compliance manager, I take all information gathered during a client’s appointment, and enter it into at he Statement of Advice Portfolio, outlining the client’s concerns, goals and what kind of insurance best suits them and their family’s needs.

When it comes to clients, my approach is to be kind and friendly. I like to start and end conversations on common ground, whether that’s the weather or children! I also have a great lolly jar, which has won me a few hearts this year!

I grew up in Raglan with the beach at my door, so being outside with nature is a favourite pastime for my son and I.

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