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Kara Benfell

At Millenium Insurance Group, what really makes our advisers stand out is the value they place in establishing relationships with our clients. That stems from Millenium’s founder, Ashley Carson. As his personal assistant, I have witnessed the importance Ashley places on building a rapport with those around him, not just staff but clients as well. It’s why I enjoy working for Millenium Insurance.

As personal assistant for Ashley, I am responsible for supporting him and other advisers, preparing policy information, basic alterations and administering claim documentation. There’s not a lot I don’t know about insurance or the process. I believe insurance is an integral part of all our lives but it’s essential to have the right insurance for your individual situation.

Outside of the office, my husband Chris and I are kept on our toes by our young daughter. We love spending family time at The Mount. I’m also a great supporter of small locally-owned businesses. Sometimes my credit card balance shows just how great a supporter I am!

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