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Lending and Finance

Make sure your finances are working for you with advice from Millenium’s mortgage advisers

Securing finance can be a time-consuming and challenging process, particularly if you’re not a standard applicant. But there are avenues you can explore that will enable you to secure the financial support you need for your domestic or commercial venture.

Millenium Insurance Group’s lending advisers work with you to make it possible for you to secure finance. By understanding your situation and working it to your advantage, our team can utilise their industry experience to help you establish yourself for the future.


If you’re self-employed, a first-home buyer or don’t have the deposit required to take out a mortgage, securing a loan can be difficult. Our experienced mortgage advisors know the different avenues that are available and the ones that could work in your favour. Their professional advice, expertise, and existing relationships with a wide range of lenders, will help you to secure the mortgage that works for you.


Are your loans and finances set up in the best possible way for your current situation? Many of us take out a loan and think nothing more of it as long as we’re keeping up with payments. But to truly benefit from your loans, reviewing them regularly is essential. Our mortgage advisers can help you to refinancing your current debt in a way that is more beneficial to your financial situation.

Business Lending

Are you looking to expand your operations? Do you need to grow your business now to stay ahead of the competition? If cashflow is difficult and you need a loan to cover the immediate cost of your expansion, our business lending specialists can help you to secure the financial support you need, without placing you in personal financial risk.

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What our clients say

Wow all I can say is a HUGE THANK YOU for putting in place our insurance. I am blown away by the speed these claims have been processed and the ease with which it has all been done.

Sue Duncan

I am incredibly thankful to Millenium Insurance for the advice and guidance given to me when it came to insurance policies. Insurance is something we value as being so very important and I believe we found the best with Millenium as our brokers.

Lisa Hohneck

Gary Robertson of Millenium Insurance Group contacts us regularly to check on any changes in our lives that might affect our insurance needs. Without his advice, we would have been unaware of our opportunity to make a claim under Jacqui’s living insurance policy, which has made a massive difference to us as a family.

Tim & Jacqui Wilkins

We called to cancel our policy but Kara at Millenium explained what the policy was about and said it was likely we had a claim. Without her knowledgeable advice, we would have been unaware of our opportunity to make a claim. Thank you Kara and Millenium.

Murray & Dianne Reeve