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Protecting your possessions

Domestic Insurance

Your home, your contents, your boat, your bike – protect what you need with Millenium Insurance.

Take a moment to look around your home. Appreciate the artwork that adorns the walls, the dining table where family meals are enjoyed, the flatscreen TV where All Blacks victories are watched.

Now imagine if all that was taken away from you. How could you replace your possessions, large and small? How could you replace your home where memories are made?

Our team of domestic insurance advisers can analyse and assess your domestic insurance needs to provide you with comprehensive protection for your home and contents.

Protect your home, protect what’s yours with our domestic insurance protection plans.

Contents Insurance

Home is where the heart is, but home is also where your contents is. Have you got the right contents insurance to protect all your treasured possessions? From your children’s toys to your very own, our insurance advisers will work with you to make sure your home and contents are protected from any eventuality.

Boat Insurance

Just like your car, your boat requires specific insurance, but it’s not just your boat that needs protection, it’s the equipment inside it too. From your fishing gear to your dive gear, your lifejackets to your boat trailer, make sure you have comprehensive boat insurance that protects both your boat and you.

Goods in Transit Insurance

Moving house? Protect your household items while they’re on the move with goods in transit insurance. Moving livestock? Protect your asset while it’s on the road. Transporting refrigerated goods? Protect your financial investment while you wait for it to reach its desired destination. Don’t just assume your goods are protected in transit, make certain they are with goods in transit insurance.

Travel Insurance

If you’re travelling abroad for work or pleasure, don’t take flight without travel insurance. Holidays are designed to be restful and relaxing. Give yourself peace of mind that should anything happen while you’re away from home, you and your travel companions are safe and secure.

Fire and General Insurance

Every home is different, which means should you ever need to make an insurance claim, it’s going to be one of a kind. Our experienced brokers can put a bespoke fire and general insurance package together for you to protect your home and contents, balancing the risk and cost of your personalised insurance portfolio.

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