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Better health, better premiums with the new AIA Vitality App

At Millenium Insurance, we like the challenge of putting together the right insurance policy for you. That’s why, we’re excited to introduce an engaging new offering to the Millenium family of insurance solutions – the AIA Vitality App.

Designed to improve your health and lower your health insurance premiums, the AIA Vitality App encourages you to lead a healthy lifestyle… and rewards you for doing just that!

Introducing the AIA Vitality App

The AIA Vitality programme was introduced to New Zealand in June. Launched 20 years ago in South Africa, this rewards programme has been designed – and proven – to increase your health and wellbeing, with the bonus of lowering your health insurance payments.

The free app, which sits on your smartphone and can be connected to existing fitness trackers such as a Fitbit or Garmin, rewards you for being active and leading a healthy lifestyle. In return for meeting your daily step goals, hitting a gym workout, or visiting your doctor for a check-up, you’ll receive rewards such as lower insurance premiums, Airpoints, discounted travel, movie tickets and supermarket vouchers.

How the AIA Vitality App works

This might all sound too good to be true, but the reality of it is, this app really does work. Scientifically-backed, the AIA Vitality App wellness programme determines how healthy a policy holder is by measuring four key lifestyle factors:

  1. Physical activity
  2. Eating habits
  3. Smoking
  4. Alcohol consumption.

When you sign up to AIA Vitality, your journey begins with a Vitality Health Review. This review enables the software to work out ‘Your Vitality Age’ from the above factors and benchmark the overall state of your health. The app then identifies areas you can improve on and suggests ways to make these improvements. The more improvements you make, the better your score and the more rewards you earn.

Improve your health and Vitality Age

The purpose of the app is to ensure policy holders lead a fit, healthy and active lifestyle – it’s beneficial for you as well as the insurance provider. That’s why it’s designed to change behaviour long-term, rather than be a crash diet!

Once you’ve signed up and received your ‘Vitality Age’, you can start working towards earning points, through activities such as organised events, gym memberships and online health assessments . Participating in Lugtons Round the Bridges? Great, you just scored yourself 150 vitality points. Gone for a workout at Anytime Fitness? Excellent, that’s another 100 vitality points. You can even earn rewards when you stop smoking, as the App provides an opportunity to sign up for Allen Carr’s Easyway smoking cessation programme for FREE.

Get rewards for a healthy lifestyle

Once you’ve built up your AIA Vitality status, you’ll have the opportunity to gain rewards. The rewards programme is designed with a number of preselected options to choose from, such as: discounts on your insurance policy, HOYTS movie discounts, airports, discounted travel and accommodation and shopping vouchers.

How to sign up

AIA Vitality is a free app but is only available with eligible health and life insurance policies, so before you head to your Google Play store, the app needs to be set up with your policy information. Your Millenium Insurance advisor can help set you up so you can start reaping the rewards of a healthier lifestyle.

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