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Millenium Insurance Group

Proper process, ethical business practices, a wealth of knowledge, and value placed on client relationships – welcome to Millenium Insurance Group, where we connect the pieces to protect your future.

But at Millenium Insurance there are greater connections at play, because our team sets out to establish a meaningful connection with you, right from the outset. Our client relationships are important. To provide you with the very best protection plan, we need you to trust us, but we understand we must earn that trust. That’s why we work from a foundation of values, where respect, compassion and collaboration form the essence of everything we do.

Our unique approach to providing you with a bespoke protection plan sets us apart from our competition and ensures you experience a sense of belonging as a client of Millenium Insurance.

Why choose Millenium

Informed choice

You’ll receive all the information you need to make an informed choice about your insurance options.


Our robust delivery process provides you with a comprehensive level of protection for your future.


As a Millenium Insurance client, you’ll benefit from the expertise of our trusted insurance advisers.

Optimal outcomes

Our knowledge and experience of the insurance industry helps us secure optimal outcomes.


Our focus is your future, providing you with protection plans that deliver continuity for years to come.


Working from a shared set of values, we provide you with secure solutions for life-changing situations.

The Millenium process

We’re not just an insurance provider, we’re an insurance partner. We believe the best insurance plans are solution-oriented, so we start by identifying all the pieces that need to be put together.

The first piece of the puzzle is understanding what your insurance requirements are. We find this out by sitting down with you, collating information on your current situation, identifying where you are most at risk, and what you want to protect.

The second piece of the puzzle is taking your information and filtering it through our robust process of research, analysis, assessment and evaluation. Our insurance plans are needs-based so by combining your needs with our solutions we can determine the right protection plan for you.

The third piece is presenting you with our report. This equips you with all the necessary information you need to make an informed choice. Our insurance recommendations will reflect what you have told us and are relevant to you and your situation.

To complete the puzzle, we connect all these pieces and implement a protection plan that allows you to be secure in the knowledge your future is secure.

Our services

Trying to decide what type of insurance is right for you? That’s what our insurance advisers are here for. By researching and assessing your situation, they’ll select from our extended range of services to provide you with a tailored protection plan that is right for you.

Our people

From the golf course to the squash court, rotary meetings to parent teacher interviews, our insurance advisers all have different interests and different areas of expertise. But one thing makes them stand out from the crowd – their commitment to connect with you, our clients.

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What our clients say

Wow all I can say is a HUGE THANK YOU for putting in place our insurance. I am blown away by the speed these claims have been processed and the ease with which it has all been done.

Sue Duncan

I am incredibly thankful to Millenium Insurance for the advice and guidance given to me when it came to insurance policies. Insurance is something we value as being so very important and I believe we found the best with Millenium as our brokers.

Lisa Hohneck

Gary Robertson of Millenium Insurance Group contacts us regularly to check on any changes in our lives that might affect our insurance needs. Without his advice, we would have been unaware of our opportunity to make a claim under Jacqui’s living insurance policy, which has made a massive difference to us as a family.

Tim & Jacqui Wilkins

We called to cancel our policy but Kara at Millenium explained what the policy was about and said it was likely we had a claim. Without her knowledgeable advice, we would have been unaware of our opportunity to make a claim. Thank you Kara and Millenium.

Murray & Dianne Reeve