Harvinder Kang

Insurance Adviser
Phone: 07 834 4332
Mobile: 021 390 763
Email: kangsinnz@xtra.co.nz

Born in India the land of curry, colour, diversified cultural history, and recently and more importantly cricket, I moved to New Zealand in 1997 when I met and married my lovely wife Hardeep.

With a background in Sales, Marketing, and Trading from India, I had to make a fresh start after I came to New Zealand. At the time I was fortunate to get an opportunity to make that start by working for Fonterra (New Zealand Dairy Group at the time). I worked in various areas ranging from Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Customer Service helping me to get a real insight into the biggest export earning industry of New Zealand. I have a Bachelor Degree in Literature in addition to that I also have a Diploma in Dairy Technology from Massey University achieved during my tenure with Fonterra.

After 9 years with Fonterra in 2006 I decided to start a fresh new career, which could not only provide me with the independence of being my own boss but also a new and different sense of achievement. After discussing with a friend, who happened to be an insurance adviser, I heard about his experiences of how insurance plans he had helped put in place had come to the aid of some of his clients at a time when they were desperate for help. I could feel that sense of pride and achievement he felt when he was describing it to me and decided then to go down the path of being a Risk Insurance Adviser.

After 16 months in the industry I joined Millenium Insurance Group in October 2007, Millenium is a group of Young, Competent and experienced advisers that have been actively been working in the community for a long time. This role gives me a real sense of helping communities and people as I seriously value the role insurance plays in supporting families and providing financial security in times of uncertainty be it death, disability, or illness. Often we don’t plan for these things, however knowing that there is a security net in place should such a scenario eventuate provides people with a peace of mind. This is where I feel that by helping people to create that security net I am adding and contributing value to society.

I have a young family of two adorable kids, 13 year daughter Priya who is a keen hockey player with aspirations to be a Black Stick one day and 7 years old son Arjan a self proclaimed future All Black who at the moment needs direction on which way to run when he gets the ball. I myself am a keen cricketer (did I say I was from India!), unfortunately my involvement with cricket nowadays is when I have a remote in one hand and beer in the other. My wife Hardeep is a 4th generation Kiwi from a family of 3 generations of dairy farmers and works for Fonterra.

With strong customer focus and industry knowledge I look forward to providing you with a complete and ideal service.

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