Ceeann Russell-Finlay

Insurance Adviser

Hi, I’m Ceeann Russell-Finlay.

Waikato born and bred, I left home with a one-way ticket and headed for London in my early 20’s and have remained a keen traveler since. I have worked in NZ and overseas in many different industries from hospitality to construction. I have worked for small family businesses, large corporate firms and I have had over 15 years managing my own businesses.

I joined the insurance industry in the Life and Health field in 2015. The business of protecting people’s lives, their livelihood and wellbeing was something I connected with very quickly having had a member of my own family suffer an injury that had led to a permanent disability.

My passion for my helping my clients has come from a culmination of my life and work experience, a genuine understanding that life as we know it can change in a flash and an honest desire to help others.
I assist my clients by gaining an understanding of their personal needs, then create a specifically designed plan tailored especially for them. This plan enables them to financially protect themselves and their loved ones in the event of a serious health issue, injury or untimely death. Having a well thought out effective plan helps manage our financial risk exposure, provides us with options when things go wrong and offers us peace of mind.

Having access to the some of the best insurance products and companies available in New Zealand I am able to work for my clients to find them quality cover that fits with their individual budget. I remove the insurance jargon and provide the advice needed to enable them to make informed decisions.

With an annual review I can touch base with my clients to ensure their cover is still relevant to their needs and to make sure they take advantage of any special event options available to them that they may be entitled to as part of their policies. And at claim time, I am only a phone call away to assist and advocate on my clients behalf should they need me.

I look forward to working with you.

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