Ashley Carson

Managing Director
Phone: 07 834 4332
Mobile: 027 270 4577

I was born and raised in the Waikato and grew up on the family farm in Gordonton. I later went on to own my own farm in Raglan and with the support of my best friend and wife of 34 years, Suzanne, we raised our seven children and are now the proud grandparents of 13 grandchildren and great grandchildren.

I have been an Insurance Adviser based in the Waikato Region since 1981. As I am managing an important area of people’s lives, I regularly attend industry seminars to keep up with the changing world. As a member of the Sovereign QFE (Qualifying Financial Entity) you can be rest assured that I have completed all the Financial Assessments required for me to practice.

You could say my style is relaxed but that’s because my job is to get on with people and make sure they are confident with my services. Just because I am relaxed does not mean I am not serious. I am also a good listener and my mission is to help my clients achieve their financial goals so that they are financially secure and have the freedom to live their lifestyle of choice.

I feel there is no better personal satisfaction than when it comes to claim time knowing that I have done the right thing for my clients. My primary motivation is safeguarding the future financial wellbeing of my clients in both their home and business lives, they become my clients for life.

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