Personal Risk Insurance

What would happen to your partner, children, business, home and the lifestyle you have worked so hard to build?

Would you be able to pay the mortgage and the monthly bills? Or meet your children's schooling expenses?

How long would you or your family cope drawing on savings or even using a retirement nest egg to fund daily living expenses?

None of us have a crystal ball telling us the future, but sadly bad things happen to nice people. We hope this 'it' won't happen, but too often 'it' does.

We offer a range of services and insurances to cover your personal and family needs from Disability Income Protection to Life Insurance, we can work with you to understand your needs and put together a package that protects your family.

Life Cover
Funeral Cover
Trauma Cover
Income Protection
Mortgage Protection
Total Permanent Disablement
Family Income Protection
Portable Document Format (PDF)Sovereign Health Claim/Prior Approval
Sovereign claim form used for Medical Insurance claims or prior approval requests. (66kb)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if I have a claim?
    Please call us on 07 834 4332 and your adviser will be happy to help you.
  • How much insurance do I need?
    Call us on 07 834 4332 for a free no obligation personal risk assessment from one of our advisers.
  • What is TPD?
    Total Permanent Disablement is where, as a result if accident of illness, you are so incapacitated that you:
    • Cannot do your own job, or where applicable another job to which your skills may be suited
    • Suffer loss of limbs or sight
    • Cannot perform at least two of the following activities without physical assistance of someone else:
      • Bathing and showering
      • Dressing and undressing
      • Eating and drinking
      • Using a toilet
      • Moving from place to place by walking, in a wheelchair or with a walking aid

    Or, alternatively, you are unable to perform one of the activities noted above and your intellectual capacity has reduced or deteriorated to such an extent that you require permanent and constant supervision.
  • What is a 'pre-existing condition'?
    A pre-existing condition is something in your medical history which has occurred before the time of your insurance application. You need to be sure to disclose all pre-existing medical conditions in your application to avoid any problems at claim time. Non-disclosure is the main cause for unpaid claims.
  • What is Prior Approval?
    Prior Approval is very helpful if you have surgery scheduled and want peace of mind that it will be covered, simply complete a prior approval form and send along with your Dr’s referral letter and we will be in touch once the claim has been approved.