The Benefits of Using a Millenium Insurance Broker

Something we are asked regularly is why someone would use an Insurance Broker?

This page is designed to give an insight and some perspective into the Insurance industry and how it works.
Everyone knows that insurance is extremely important to have. We are all aware of the large amount of insurance companies out in the marketplace that want our signatures on their policies.
With this in mind when looking into getting insurance, most people have no idea of how complex the industry is or potentially what they are missing out on. This is where Millenium Insurance Brokers comes in.
We are one of the largest Insurance Brokers in Hamilton servicing thousands of clients right across NZ. Whatever type of insurance cover that you are looking for our Brokers are there to provide assistance, advice and an insight into what is going to work best.

We fully understand how important insurance is for all of our clients and we can help you by:

  • Clearly explaining your insurance policy to you and tell you what you are covered for
  • We will explain all your options to you and help you make the best decision for your situation
  • We advise and give you perspective on any loopholes or things that you need to be aware of
  • We are your advocate with your Insurance Company to get you the best rates possible
  • We will help you or your family through the entire claims process at the time of need

When you engage with an Insurance Broker they will:

  • Assist You
  • Be your advocate
  • Give clear advice and guidance
  • Manage the entire process for you
  • Help you with any claim

If you need any assistance please contact us directly on:
Free Phone 0800 22 11 02 or Phone 07 834 4332